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Trout Lake Park

This may look like autumn foliage, but actually the reds, yellows and oranges are the new twigs that have not yet started putting out leaves. Photo taken in Trout Lake Park, on one of the sunny days we had earlier this week. (Click on the image for full size.)

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The Sunday afternoon photo post

This is becoming a custom of sorts, so here you go. I love the view from this particular spot at Van Dusen. The colours are, apparently, what happens when you use the indoor “flash off” setting to shoot landscapes. I kind of like it that way.

(Click on the image for full size.)


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Fly me to the moon

Yesterday afternoon at Van Dusen.


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Symmetry breaking.

This was a couple of days ago. Yesterday’s rain has washed away all the snow.

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Sunset over Fraser River

I’ve had interesting feedback on my last post, here and in a couple of other places. It’s pretty clear that a few points could use a more detailed treatment, and I’ll try to do that in follow-up posts. I’m thinking of administrative/service work first, then (as time permits) the evolution of university teaching, the differences between mathematics and other fields of science, and the reasons why academic jobs look pretty much the same everywhere in the U.S. and Canada. I might think of more later.

Meanwhile, if you need a break (and who doesn’t?), here are a couple of photos from last weekend. (Click on the picture for the full-size image.)


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Happy holidays.

Who needs Christmas lights when there’s sun and raindrops.

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Fall in Vancouver

This time, somewhat higher resolution.


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The art of balance

You may have seen these if you’ve been to Vancouver. They pop up on beaches at random, some large and imposing, some tiny, just a few pebbles stacked neatly on top of each other. I’ve never seen anyone destroy them deliberately. They last until the wind or high tide claim them.

There was a whole gallery along the English Bay beach today.


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Spring photos.

In case you’ve had enough of long posts about research funding.

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While I’m buried in paperwork…

… up to my neck, you’re welcome to enjoy my otter photos from last summer. A family of three – a mom and two kids – swam right up to where I was sitting with the camera, just a few feet down the rocks, and spent a good 15 minutes frolicking on the seaweed bed, swimming around, chasing each other, and whatever else it is that otters do on a sunny day, all the while making sure that I was watching. Here’s looking at you, kid.

(As always, you can enlarge the images somewhat by clicking on them.)

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