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Where’s Scarlett Johansson when you need her?

Just came back from a screening of There Will Be Blood. Daniel Day Lewis’s acting is extraordinary, and the church scenes are priceless… but… the ending is ridiculous, and the movie is too long and too relentlessly grim. Compare it for instance to The Prestige, one of my favourite movies of 2006. Many of the themes are the same: ambition, competition, obsession, selling your soul to the devil in the name of professional one-upmanship. But where There Will Be Blood never lightens up, The Prestige is flamboyant, entertaining, and, yes, there’s Scarlett Johansson. Her character was criticized at the time for being underdeveloped and unnecessary. Without her, though, The Prestige would have been a lot more like Blood. And that would be a pity.

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