Back from the summer school

The summer school in analysis was excellent. I was impressed by the quality of the presentations and the engagement of the participants. This was also my first visit to the beautiful island of Catalina, and while we obviously weren’t there on vacation, we did have a free afternoon to explore it.

Also, my sabbatical leave officially begins today. I have spent a good deal of time in recent years establishing the harmonic analysis group at UBC, recruiting and supervising postdocs and graduate students, organizing conferences and institute programs, and serving the community in other ways (Putnam committee, expository writing and talks). This all has been satisfying, but it also took a toll on my own research program, and it is about time to rectify that. I look forward to being able to engage fully in research over the next year.

A panoramic view of Avalon, Catalina.


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2 responses to “Back from the summer school

  1. michael lacey

    One participant was my student, Gagik. And what a nice send off for the
    sabbatical. Mine has started as well. –Michael

  2. Krystal also told me the summer school was fantastic!