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Yesterday I tweeted a link to a web page that produces instant drabbles. (Don’t ask.) There should be a similar page for instant math papers, I thought. We could all use an extra paper or two when we apply for a grant, come up for promotion, or (shudder) go on the job market. In response, Ahavajora suggested this link. So, I tried it. Here’s my brand new instant math paper:


A proof of the Kakeya geometric Theorem (from the point of view of multiplier theory)

1.1 Proposition

Let (R,m,k) be a Fourier bilinear ring. Then R is harmonic if and only if the restriction of R over k coincides with that of m/m2 (considered as a estimate space over k; see (0.3), for a prior appearance of this space.)

Proof. The proof is left as an exercise to the conjecture. ☐

1.2 Theorem (Besicovitch, 1970)

Any ring which is critical is also locally difficult.

Proof. In particular, (1.1) shows that the associated solved ring of R, with the m-adic citation, is intrinsic to k[X1, . . . ,Xd], and is therefore a exponent. By Lebesgue’s theorem, we may apply (0.10). The result follows dimensionally. ☐

1.3 Example

The Riemann ring is the best example of such a ring.


This research was calculated thanks to YSKFA Grant 1000000000.

Now, where do you think I should submit this groundbreaking work?

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  1. Marvellous! Now, if only it would output directly to LaTeX…