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Maenam is a new restaurant in Kitsilano that has already started making waves with its innovative and sophisticated Thai cuisine. It opened just a few weeks ago to enthusiastic reviews:

If […] you are the least bit curious about the pungent taste of rarely found holy basil, the mouth-popping sensation that occurs when you bite into the bitter shell of a berry-sized pea eggplant or the bracing vibrancy of a perfectly balanced grilled prawn salad, I highly recommend this new Kitsilano restaurant that promises to revolutionize Thai food in much the same way that Vij’s changed everything we thought we knew about Indian.

Sure enough, just as our party of 3 was finishing dinner there last week, Vikram Vij walked in, chatted with some people in the doorway, then took a place at the bar. We didn’t stay long enough to see what he was having, and didn’t have a chance to ask what he thought, but based on our experience the comparison is well enough justified. We had green papaya salad, Thai sausage, crispy pork belly with green peppercorns and a red duck curry (hope that I’m getting it right), all of which were absolutely delicious. Unfortunately I didn’t have my camera with me and couldn’t take photos of food. Then again, it’s not really the photos that you’ll want.

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