Analysis at UBC: an update

If you’re applying for admission to graduate schools, or if you’re graduating this year and applying for a postdoctoral positions, and if your research interests are in harmonic analysis, you may want to consider applying here. Our new harmonic analysis group is looking for new students and postdocs starting next year; therefore, here’s a brief description of what we have to offer.

As of this year, our group consists of Mahta Khosravi, Akos Magyar, Malabika Pramanik and myself. Mahta’s research area is quasiclassical asymptotics on manifolds: she uses harmonic analysis to address a family of questions with roots in both quantum mechanics and analytic number theory. Akos, Malabika and I have a wide range of interests, from classical harmonic analysis to geometric measure theory, analytic number theory and additive combinatorics. Speaking of the latter, we’re very lucky to have Jozsef Solymosi as a colleague.

We now have a respectable level of activity in both harmonic analysis and additive combinatorics. There’s a small group of graduate students and postdocs that we hope will grow a little bit more in the next few years. Short-term visitors come reasonably often. We’re working to arrange for research-level graduate courses in harmonic analysis and related areas to be offered on a regular basis. This year, there are two: my course in Fourier-analytic methods in additive combinatorics, and Akos’s course in harmonic analysis next semester. Three, if you also count Jozsef’s course in additive combinatorics next semester – it’s not harmonic analysis, but it’s not exactly unrelated, either. We’re hoping to have at least one topics course in analysis next year, two if possible. We’ve also started a weekly working seminar several weeks ago.

(After the lean and unhappy years I’ve had here from 2000 to 2006, this is quite a change…)

If you’re interested in applying here and would like more information, please feel free to drop us a line.

Author: Izabella Laba

Mathematics professor at UBC. My opinions are, obviously, my own.

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