Happy Birthday, Cathleen!

This week I’m in Toronto, attending a conference dedicated to Cathleen Morawetz on her 85th birthday. Cathleen has had a long and distinguished career. She is well known both for her groundbreaking work in PDE theory (Morawetz estimates) and for her service to the community. I’m honoured to be part of her celebration.

Cathleen Morawetz

More photos under the cut.

Gigliola Stafillani gives a lecture

Gigliola Stafillani gives a lecture.

Cathleen Morawetz and Irene Gamba at the banquet.  Irene has organized the conference

Cathleen Morawetz and Irene Gamba at the banquet in Cathleen’s honour. Irene has organized the conference.

Toronto on a sunny day

Toronto on a sunny day.

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