Analysis and PDE

I’m happy to announce the launch of a new journal called Analysis and PDE, based at UC Berkeley and published by Mathematical Sciences Publishers. I’m on the editorial board of the journal.

From the Analysis and PDE web page:

Analysis & PDE publishes high-quality original research in all areas of mathematical analysis and partial differential equations. The field is interpreted broadly and, and for example, includes topics such as harmonic analysis, operator algebras, index theory, and analytic aspects of mathematical physics.

The journal aims to be the leading specialized scholarly publication in mathematical analysis. The policies of Analysis & PDE are set by the editorial board – a group of working mathematicians – rather than by a profit-oriented company, so they will remain friendly to mathematicians’s interests. I n particular, they will promote broad dissemination, easy electronic access, and permissive use of content to the greatest extent compatible with survival of the journal.

Submissions are welcome!


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